Largest Great White Ever Caught


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Allegedly 713cm female, at 23 foot five inches (7.13 m). Carcharodon carcharias taken in April 1987 off Filfla Malta. True or False ?

A 1470kg (3234lb) specimen which was lassoed near Albany, Australia by a West Australian Fisheries and Wildlife Officer. True or False?

 Reported as  29 Ft.  and 10,000 Lbs !! Great White caught off the Azores in 1978. True or False? 

Caught off the Coast of CUBA in mid 1940's. , 7100 Lbs and measured at 21 ft. True or False?

 Vic hislope Great White at 5500lb and at over 22 feet long. True or False ?


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Peter Riseley's Gw catch in 1987, at  Kangaroo Island, Australia,



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Clive Green GW  in Albany, Australia 1976 ( this shark was 1537kg).






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620kg 1366lb great white shark, by Vic Samson at The Pales, South Australia on 8 Apr 1989.

Alf Dean with his all-tackle record 2,664-pound white shark and the 130-pound line class record. Taken off Ceduna, Australia on April 21, 1959. This is Australia's biggest allowable record shark. True or False ?


A 1566kg 17 foot shark was caught by Donald Braddock and Frank Mundus in 1986, off the US coast , largest GW caught on Rod and Reel.  True or False ?

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