Two surfers in North Bondi, Australia freeze in terror as the dorsal fin of a shark cuts through the water close to them. The shark circled the 2 young men for about 40 minutes before a boat chased it out to sea. This amazing photo was taken by the Sydney Daily Telegraph.


A picture of the great white Vic Hislop caught at Phillip Island. Bait was a 300lb greasy cod set in 30 feet of water less than 200 metres off shore at seal rocks. 



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World Famous Amos Nachoum amazing photos of the Great White shark. You can see more of Amos work in our Shark gallery section. Here is a nice photo of Great White being touched on the nose. Would you dare to do that??


This picture cannot be copied or downloaded without Amos permission. 



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Actual birth of of a lemon shark pup. This event which had never been seen in a shark in the wild before, took place in Bimini Lagoon in the Bahamas.

The mother which was about 8.5 feet long-had been captured for study and was anchored to the scientists boat by a hook in her mouth and a rope around her tail. As each pup was born it would lie briefly on the ocean floor, before swimming away, straining against the umbilical cord until it broke, leaving a small depression in the baby sharks belly. 

The remoras swimming around the the mother would dart in rapidly after each pup was born to devour the afterbirth.

Altogether 10 pups were born, each about 610mm(2 ft) long, although the last was born dead. Once free of their mother these baby sharks must survive on their own.

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