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Animal attacks files-

Shark Research Committee- Run by Ralph S. Collier



Other Links

Ban Shark Feeding
This web site is presented by a group of divers and citizens who adamantly oppose the feeding of marine life.

The Basking Shark
Everything you wanted to know about the Basking Shark.

The Basking Shark Project
Extensive information about the Basking Shark.

Bull Shark
Scientific information about the Carcharhinus Leucas.

Cetorhinus Maximus (Basking Shark)
Description, natural history and more about the Basking Shark.

Fiona's Shark Mania
All kinds of sharks here. If you like sharks this is the site for you.

International Shark Attack File
Statistics and information about shark attacks housed at the University of Florida.

The Natal Sharks Board (NSB)
A service organization protecting beach users in KwaZulu-Natal against shark attacks.

The Pelagic Shark Research Foundation
Extensive information on the Pelagic Shark.

Shark Attack
Noone knows for sure how many shark attacks take place annually. Find out how, why, when, and where sharks attack from your Scuba Guide.

Shark Attack from Nova Online
A series of companion web sites to the Nova TV series. Learn about sharks. Read about a shark's six sense, learn shark superlatives and explore different shark species.

Shark Cam
It's not exactly like being on a shark dive, but it may be as close as you're going to get while you're sitting in front of your computer.

The Shark Foundation
Founded to actively support the protection and preservation of endangered shark species and their natural surroundings. Information and photos.

The Shark Research Institute
A non-profit, international, scientific organization dedicated to the conservation of sharks. The Institute conducts and sponsors research projects throughout the world.

Sharks: Myths and RealitiesFrom About
Sharks live in Hawaii's waters and though humans are not their natural prey, it's best to know basic ocean safety in the islands.

Tiger Shark
Scientific information on the Galeocerdo Cuvier.

Twenty Interesting Shark Facts
20 shark facts from your Scuba Guide.

University of Florida Shark Research Program
The Commercial Shark Fishery Observer Program, IUCN/SSC Shark Specialist Group, The International Shark Attack File, Trends in Worldwide Shark Attacks, and Shark References.

Whale Shark Research Group
A non-profit organization with the objective to closely monitor the behavior and migration of the Whale Shark.

White Shark
Scientific information on the Carcharodon Carcharias.

The White Shark Research Institute
Non-profit organization dedicated to the research of the worlds greatest predator, and the preservation of its environment.

Other Shark Links - (not necessarily chosen by me)

The American Elasmobranch Society
Australian Shark Attack File Taronga Zoo - Select Information and then "Shark Attack" in the Taronga Zoo list.
A Classification of the Living Sharks and Rays of the World
Florida Institute of Technology
German Elasmobranch Society - in German
The Mediterranean Shark Site
Elasmobranch Research at the Monterey Bay Aquarium
Mote Marine Laboratory
The Natal Sharks Board
National Marine Fisheries Service's - Atlantic Shark Management
University of Nottingham Ibis Labs
NMFS Apex Predator Program
Sawfish Conservation Biology Web Page
Shark Population Assessment Group
Shark Trust, UK
The Whale Shark Bibliography
WWF: An Overview of World Trade in Sharks
 Land Based and Boat based Shark Fishing in Australia, and the world.

ReefQuest Expeditions This is undoubtedly the best shark site on the web. It is run by author, artist, and marine biologist Richard Martin and his wife Anne Martin, also a marine biologist. Besides providing information on their company, ReefQuest Expeditions, which offers marine-oriented educational trips around the world, the site features in-depth, exhaustive and interesting information on all sharks, within a taxonomically-arranged framework. There are also many articles on aspects of shark biology and behaviour, as well as links, book reviews and more. Making things even better, the site is profusely illustrated with Rick's own paintings and line drawings. This is a must-see website, and will provide hours of fascinating browsing.


The Shark Trust A very nice page done by the Shark Trust, a UK group dedicated to elasmobranch research and conservation.


Ian Fergusson's Home Page Very nicely done and fascinating home page by a active shark researcher. Emphasis is on sharks in the Mediterranean (including the white shark) and in the northeastern Atlantic.


*Capt. Tom's New England Shark Page Informative page run by a Massachusetts sports fisherman, covering details such as how to ID wild sharks, what sharks inhabit New England waters, scientific names, and more.


*Canadian Shark Research Laboratory Interesting shark site from the Bedford Institute of Oceanography in Nova Scotia. Features a useful identification key for sharks from Atlantic Canada, many photos, and lots of information on reproduction, feeding and other aspects of shark biology.


*Tricas Lab Home Page Interesting page on the research being done at shark biologist Timothy Tricas' lab at Florida Insitute of Technology. A highlight of the site is "The Near Side", a collection of sharky Far Side-like cartoons by Tricas and his grad students. Hilarious!


Shark Research Program An excellent page from the Florida Museum of Natural History, featuring tons of information on all sorts of shark topics. Also included is the International Shark Attack File, _the_ source for information on shark attacks.


* Fish Belly Well-done web page on fishing; has some cool shark photos and videos.


The Shark Foundation An excellent page by this European group. The highlight is a fabulous database of shark classification, down to species in some cases. Also, lots of info on conservation.


*Shark Chat Nice chat set up for shark nuts.


*Brian Switek's Shark Page Nice page on sharks, with "Shark of the Week", classification info, man's impact on sharks, prehistoric sharks, and more.


*Sharks of the Gulf of Alaska Excellent page from NOAA scientist Lee Hulbert, on population biology and general biology of three species of sharks in the Gulf of Alaska. Lots of great data.


*Shark Tagger Home Page An excellent page about shark tagging efforts off California by sports fishermen. Contains a bulletin board, the latest news, and info on specific projects.


*Underwater Terror: Our Fear of Sharks Nice page with lots of info on general shark facts, shark attacks, shark gods, and conservation.


*The Shark Archives Nice photo gallery, shark attack info and stats, and more.


*Cry of 'Save the Sharks' Replaces 'Shark in the Water' on Beaches This pro-shark article is from the Christian Science Monitor.


*Tiger Shark Research Program Nice page for an ongoing reserach project run by the U of Hawaii. You can also visit other marine biology pages form this page - on reef fish, spider crabs etc.


*Sharks - Terrors of the Deep Despite the site's name this is a good pro-shark site with lots of beautiful pictures!


* Tolnedra's Carcharhiniformes Classification Page Great resource for taxonomy of the largest group of sharks.


* J+S Fossils A nice reconstruction of C. megalodon jaws, and some other interesting fossil stuff.


* Sharks Etc. A nice page with lots of information on shark paleontology, biology and more.


* Sharks of Maryland and Delaware Interesting info, and lots of cool pics


* Elasmobranch Studies at the Monterey Bay Aquarium Good resource. Still under construction, but lots of cool pics.


* The Basking Shark Project Like basking sharks? Go here!


* Mad Dog Great White Shark Expedition This is a nice page, with some pics and lots of text on the white shark, and info on how you can join one of Mad Dog's expeditions to study the great white in South Africa.


* Marinelab This site from Florida has some cool stuff on sharks...


 Fiona Webster's Shark Mania Fun pictures, wicked pictures, shark stories, the most complete shark link page yet, and more!


 Shark Conservation HP. Another excellent page, this time dealing with all types of sharks.


 The Pelagic Shark Research Foundation . It's certainly one of the best, and this research foundation is really kickin' in some new ground down in California.


* The American Elasmobranchology Society . A nice little HP from the scientific community at the AES. - "All About Sharks" is a SCUBA diver’s research on sharks. It provides shark stories, records, and accounts of shark attacks. The page also provides information on many different species of sharks. This is a great page for anyone who is fascinated by sharks. -"The Shark Research Page" contains data from the commercial shark fishery observer, the IUCN/SSC shark specialist group, and international shark attack file. This page may be used by researchers and scientists, but is not difficult for the average "internet surfer" to read and enjoy. This page provides a lot of good information pertinent to Lemonick’s article. In addition, several species are highlighted with lots of information, and many web links are provided. -The "Sharks-Information and Conservation Page" has a variety of information, including shark habits, physiology, and shark attack information. This page is written so an average reader will not have much difficulty understanding it. This page also has many fun features, which people of all ages will enjoy. Some of the articles highlight the information in Lemonick’s article, "Its Humans Not Sharks Who Are Natures Most Fearsome Predators," very well; the rest is just for fun. -This is an informative and fun shark page. Younger readers who are exploring the world of sharks will find all sorts of educational activities on "Shark Safari" by National Geographic. Some of the information in Lemonick’s article for Time magazine can be seen first hand here. Particularly how the next generations are being educated about sharks.  - "Sharks predators of the deep" is jammed full of shark pictures, statistics, and other info. An interesting feature is the search program, that the page will do for shark related topics. This is a page that will be easy for the average "net surfer" to understand and enjoy. The author of this page, V.W.H. Koctze, will allow you to expand on the information in Lemonick’s article in any direction.  -"The Great White Death" provides a quick look at sharks, and their attacks. There are several graphic photos of shark attack victims. If you can handle this you will learn about their attack behavior. However, this page is limited and will only tell you some of Lemonick’s findings. This page also provides several links and is easy for the average person to read. - This is an easy-to-read and understand page, written by a student of the California Academy of Sciences. Readers at or above a high school reading level will not have any difficulty with this page. This page highlights the main ideas of Lemonick’s article. Also, provided here are several other shark links worthy of exploration. - "The Pelagic Shark Research Foundation" is a page with the purpose of heightening public awareness of shark conservation. To achieve its purpose, this page is written for the average reader. This page does not go over most of Lemonick’s studies; however, Lemonick’s conservation studies can be widely expanded upon in this page. "Shark Week" of "Discovery Channel Online" is written for shark enthusiasts. Many of these activities are written with the younger reader in mind. This page tries to answer everyone’s questions about these creatures. In particular, this article highlights Lemonick’s theme of educating the next generation. An interesting feature in this page allows you to type questions in and has them answered. -Although "Nova Online Adventure" is from a reliable source like Nova, it only shows a broad view of sharks. This is a good page for a person without much scientific knowledge to go through and pick up some information. This will touch on all of Lemonick’s themes but not expand upon them. -Although "The Shark Page" of "Stephen Bilson’s Main Scuba Site" is currently under construction, this page will have lots of information on sharks, including specific information on over twenty species of sharks. However, this page is more of a shark enthusiast page for the average internet surfer, and will not cover in much depth Lemonick’s findings. - This is a very informative shark page. Almost all of Lemonick’s findings are highlighted here. This page is written for people with considerable knowledge of science, but is not difficult to read. Some interesting features include shark studies of particular species, and a divers log of shark research.


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