Photo kindly  provided by Amos Nachoum


Gallery 1 - Photos by Charles Maxwell

Charles founded Underwater Video Services in 1989 to offer a much needed professional underwater video service to local and foreign production companies. He built up numerous helpful contacts in both the academic and commercial marine fields, and have worked with many foreign production companies including the BBC, Discovery Channel, The National Geographic Society, ITN, French Television and German Television and many others as an underwater cameraman, supplier of stock footage and production facilitator. Mr. Maxell was kind enough to show some of his work to Shark Lovers who frequent this site. Please visit Charles site to learn more about him and his work.

Gallery 2 - Photos by Carl Roessler

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Cage activity!

One is coming!

Watch out!

This is tasty!

What a face!

Here's lockin' at ya!

Nice profile!

A gathering!


Open wide!

What a smile!

Nice profile!

A set of teeth that you'll never forget!

Darn rope's in the way!

Smile for the camera!

Turn, turn I said!

An experience your soon not to forget!



Any way it takes to get it!

Is this the bait?

A smile you'll never forget!

Smiling for the camera!

The living torpedo!

A actual touch!

What a set of teeth!

Open wide for chuncky!

A GWS after the shark bait.

What a wonderful calmness with this one!

I am hungry!!!!

Food just seems to fit right!


Smile for the camera!

If you blink, you'll miss it all!

Get that camera ready!

What a profile!

Coming in for the picture!

A visual of what it really looks like!

Even the metal of the cage looks good to him!

A tasty treat sometime for the GWS!

What a set of teeth!

Great White Shark attacks out of the sun glare!

Great White attacks bait!


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